The Stargazers squadron! Three pilots of the Allied Defense Force Signals, first to arrive in any new frontier, their mission? Venture deep into uncharted space and explore the hell out of it!


The Stargazers is about giant robots, star ships and the relationship between three girls. Inspired by 50s and 80s Scifi, Pulp Fiction, and Mecha anime! The Stargazers is a self contained story, and while we’re open to the idea of making more stories in the future, we’re designing Stargazers around self-contained adventures for the Stargazers Squadron in the style of pulp fiction. Stargazers is a yuri game, showing the relationship between a group of 3 girls and their time together.



The Crew



Ozuma sm


Captain Hue-Lit Ozuma


Captain Ozuma was born with a lame right leg, and although she had undergone many surgeries as a child to fix the problem she still requires a cane to walk. Despite this she enrolled in officer school and through intense effort rose to the rank of Captain and was given command of the Shooting Star on an assignment into deep space.


While on duty she focuses on the task at hand, adopting the stern diligence that got her to this position. Off duty, Capn. Ozuma takes on a caring maternalism, commonly socializing with her crew, which she feels is important in the isolation of deep space.


Llwe sm


Chief Engineer (Unofficial Ship’s Cook) Llewellyn


Originally from Wales, Llwellyn is the only member of the crew from Earth. As a young man he played rugby for his college team and later joined the military where he quickly found a knack in engineering and mechanics. At the age of 30 he accepted the position of chief engineer aboard the Shooting Star.


When he’s not in the Cosma Bay keeping the equipment for the Stargazers Squadron in top condition, he dons his chef whites and acts as the ship’s unoffical cook when the crew is tired of meals prepared by robots.


Tem sm


Squadron Leader. Temperance Goodchild (Callsign: Altair)


“Tem” (as she prefers to be called, finding her full name embarrassing) comes from a military family. At a young age she moved to Mars, attended a high-powered cadet academy, and enlisted upon graduation. She keeps to every rule and regulation to a fault, and is a bit of a neat freak especially when it comes to her personal quarters.


She finds it hard to let down her guard around others, but once stationed in deep space she has to learn things are more easy going than life back near Earth. She dreams of being a career pilot and is a bit of a tomboy. She’s very stern sometimes but cares about her teammates.


Risty sm


Pilot Officer. Risty Mello (Callsign: Deneb)


She comes from the colony Neo Sao Paolo orbiting Europa. A telecommunications expert, she handles the networking, planning and analysis for her team, as well as communication to and from the ship. She seems somewhat distant or anti-social when she’s out of her comfort zone but she’s extremely attached to Vii and has a hard time objecting to the Space Elf, especially when Vii is more ‘adventurous’ in where she pursues Risty’s affections.


She’s constantly mediating between Vii and Tem, trying to find a balance between Vii’s carefree negligence and Tem’s strictness.



Vii sm


Pilot Officer. Viiflidi Ylvida or “Vii” for short.(Callsign: Vega)


Viiflidi or “Vii” comes from a biometallic humanoid-like species named “Space Elves” by humans, who live in a distant region of the galaxy. As part of the growing political relations with humans, many elves are given the option to serve on human ships and vice versa. Polyamorous by nature, Vii becomes interested in humans upon arriving aboard the Shooting Star, especially Risty.


Vii is very lackadaisical and is entranced by human pop culture, obsessing over the simplest things from TV shows, to junk food, and underwear. Because her body is so metallic, she must take metal supplements not present in human food.


The Mission



The 1042nd Stargazers Squadron of the A.D.F.S (Allied Defence Force Signals)


Stargazers Squadron. A group of 3 pilots stationed in deep space on the outer rim of one of the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Signals are always first on the scene! It’s the role of the Signals to be the spearhead into every new operation, laying the ground work for future missions.


By now humans have explored much of the inner Milky Way galaxy but not much of it’s outer reaches. Their mission is to patrol along an uncharted rim of the Milky Way Galaxy, to chart, explore, establish telecommunications, and a foothold between the outer galaxy and the inner galaxy. Not much happens in this reigon of space, but when the Stargazers are nearby it doesn’t take long for them to find some trouble!


Cosmaton Diagram

The Cosmatons of Stargazers Squadron

Red Eagle Profile Orinoco Profile Lammergeier Profile



 The Ship



Shooting Star

ADFSS Shooting Star


The ADFSS Shooting star is the base of operations for the Stargazers Squadron. Here they launch on recon, patrol, telecommunication, and rescue missions as the situation calls. Operated by a skeleton crew, most of the Shooting Star’s occupants are robots who take care of the ship’s various maintenance needs. The ship is designed to go for years without making port, and only needs supplies of perishable goods a few times a year. While capable of defending itself, it is primarily a survey and exploration vessel, a home away from home complete with recreation and entertainment facilities.



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  • LordCyril

    I played it and all I can say is it feels like it just ends. like poof. It’s over.

  • Taosym

    Hey, we’re coming with an update this summer that alleviates that poofyness, adds more story to wrap things up and bonus scenes as well!

  • Kira Serahs

    Hmm…. Well at least there’s no “SURPRISE THERE’S A SNAKE IN THEIR PANTS!” characters in this one…

  • Taosym

    Hey, some games have that, but Stargazers or Toko doesn’t and never will. It’s purely for those kinda games 🙂

  • xhianil

    I frankly love How Mutiny!! has that feel, more so since you play a female, the amount of male protagonists make me never touch a lot of futa games, not a guy, nor would I like to be one.

    Also Dat knotty dog doe X3 (not sorry)

  • Robert John Blumenberg

    Will the update be free to those who have already purchased the game?

  • Taosym

    Remaster? Free, same as Toko: Remix

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