Sabei Koni



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Born under questionable heritage, Sabei Koni is a peculiar breed of noble. From an early age she trained in sword fighting and the martial practices of the military. Her vast fortune and tenacity afforded her the tutelage under many famed sword fighters in Alabasta, quickly becoming known for her saber skills. Much greedier for new knowledge and unique experiences than material possession, Sabei led many campaigns through the Rift, which up to that point had still been relatively unexplored and uncharted territory. She brought back much notoriety and wondrous keepsakes which earned her a fortune of her own.


She is known as a collector, although oddly she has very few possessions of her own. She chooses to live a laid-back, exceptionally frugal lifestyle, which for an Alabastian noble is rather scandalous in itself. Those nobles don’t typically see the point in having wealth unless it’s on display.


She is not without her own vices, an avid enthusiast of drinking and smoking which she does entirely too much of. And of course her peculiar method of fun often involves considerable use of leather and shackles.


She has recently returned to the City of Alabast after a disastrous event left her as the sole survivor of her most recent campaign. Having penetrated far deeper into the Rift than any previous campaign, Sabei’s desires led her to make a costly mistake. She returned to Alabast surprisingly unscathed with a new prize, a mysterious girl she calls Aishi. The presence of this new girl of Sabei’s has erupted a firestorm of excitement through the Menagerie.


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