Rao-Ji has been in the Menagerie for a long time. Rao-ji was found as an egg within the Rift and brought back to the city of Alabast. Prior to then not much was known about Drachene. Although Drachene are not reclusive, they are notoriously secretive, especially regarding their origins and their homelands. Rao-Ji, isolated from her people, her lands, has never known what being a Drachene means. Or known who she is, or what sort of person she is supposed to be. In a world where her existence is novelty and she’s never known what being “free” is.


Rao-Ji is a fiore, and although she is somewhat shy by nature, she is seemingly blessed with an incredibly large libido, a fact which puzzles the nobles and scholars in Alabast. She can sometimes suffer as a result of being entirely too pent up. Although embarrassed by the act itself, Rao-Ji is very needy, having several orgasms in a very short time frame, making her a favorite among the nobles. Who seem to adore her stamina and the “volume” of her orgasms. When it’s not the nobles who are enjoying company with Rao-Ji she speaks to other servants and slaves within the Menagerie, who comfort the Drachene and also help her learn more about herself.


Curious and naive to a fault Rao-Ji. She is simultaneously eager for contact, and ignorant of those who are mistreated under the utter indentured servitude by the Alabastian nobles.


  • Twitter: lupiesoft