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Monkey is a Caprician. A curious tree-dwelling race that hails from the Rift, a cradle of life. Among the craggy outcroppings along the Rift, some trees have lived for thousands of years. Capricians build their homes among these massive rocks and trees. Here they are naturally shelted from the violent wind, rain, lightning and flooding that the Rift is chaotically prone to.
When the Elves initially discovered the Capricians they began to learn and trade from each other. The elves of Prima Alabast, very fond of contracts and trade agreements, proved to the Capricians that this was a large mistake. Many were captured and outright sold into indentured servitude because of their silver tongues and predatory clauses.
Since then the Capricians back in the rift have developed a unique disdain for Elves, however extreme pacifists by nature, they could only watch, and hope that one day their family could return. Some left the Rift, seeking to become merchants themselves in order to buy their kin back from the Elves.
No wealth of her own. “Monkey” as she is called by the Elves deridingly, was one such Caprician who left home at a young age. One cannot safely do business with the elves of Prima Alabasta unless you are fully aware of who you are dealing with, and she quickly became some of the first of her kind to enter the Menagerie itself.
Capricians care deeply about family and Monkey has never given up hope she’ll see her home again.


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