Jouya Askari


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The gaudy, the extravagant, the convivial and conniving Jouya Askari. A spice dealer by trade, she had made a name for herself all over the country of Alabasta for her sharp tongue and like many Alabastians, a keen sense and love for business. Eventually she moved on to even larger markets trading spices between neighboring countries, most notably the humans of Wandering White Rock. Eventually many smaller merchants would pay high fees to join her caravans moving back and forth through the wastes in order to expand their markets.


Still, like all elves, there is always more fun to be had, and she has spent a considerable amount of time in the Menagerie playing with the hearts of pretty girls. Here she is beset constantly by her childhood rival, the dreaded Sabei Koni, who seems to delight in tormenting Jouya.


A lover of gossip and girls in general, there is nothing Jouya won’t do for something pretty or an interesting bit of news about any thing or any one. She is also something of a masochist, which combined with her particular habits and gossiping nature is often used against her by the cunning Sabei. Something that causes Jouya no end of frustration.


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