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Between Alabasta and the Rift lies a large lake fed by the run-off of fertile waters and storms that roll off the Rift — the great mountain range that separates the day from night. It’s in these waters the Naiad call home, and they have a long storied history with the elves of Alabasta.


Many years ago, as nobles from Prima Alabasta first opened the Menagerie, the Naiads of the lake were strange and exciting, becoming the first to ‘enter’ it. However, over the years the unique, exotic appeal of the Naiads wore off and, like many other races, they simply became lowly servants of the Menagerie. They are unable to return home and are becoming increasingly bitter about their captivity.


Asumamiya has been within the Menagerie for years. Taken from the lake when she was very young, Asumamiya has only faint memories of what the lake was like, now replaced by new memories of her gradual abandonment. In some strange ways, Asumamiya has come to miss the attention and adoration she used to receive years ago.


Asumamiya now lives alone in an often neglected wing of the Menagerie. In her tank she sees no one but the other servants who come to bring her fresh algae from the lake. For the remainder of the day she is left to her own devices, swimming in her tank or roaming the empty halls that only seem to remind her more of her loneliness.


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