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Lupiesoft is a newly created, independent studio for the creation of Visual Novels and related materials. Created in order to unify multiple games, stories and news in a single location.

Founded  in late December 2011 by artist & writer Taosym in order to release a series of stories, starting with the Visual Novel “Dizzy Hearts”. Since then Lupiesoft has been acquiring many international team members and friends in order to complete this project. Lupiesoft’s aim is to bring interesting and unique ideas using the visual novel medium to the rapidly growing western VN audience.



The Dizzy Hearts Subreddit

Taosym’s Tumblr

Ask Irraere!

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The Team:


Taosym — Lead Artist, Director


Chibi AV

Founded Lupiesoft in 2011 in order to create Dizzy Hearts. Mainly the artist, though additional tasks include writing and editting.


Colleen Potvin — Lead Writer



Main writer for Dizzy Hearts, Funnygut hails from Nebraska, or Kansas.. Wyoming? One of those places. She’s responsible for some of the best scenes in the game so far and many more to come.


Forsaken One — Writer, Assistant Director


Chibi AV


Daniel Henson — Writer




Mink — Writer




Ponyo — Musician




Ironstrom — Marketing




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