1. Mutiny!! Adult Patches & Installation FAQ


    Mutiny!! Adult Patches & Installation FAQ


    Adult Patches

    Steam Mutiny!! Uncensor Patch
    Grozdana Kakra Bonus Route Uncensor Patch
    Elizabeth Margaret Bonus Route Uncensor Patch

    How to restore the adult content using patches

    Patchs are just replacement files so copy-pasting them in the game folder overwrites censored parts of the game to add lost content, and also to tell the game the version has changed (otherwise adult content will stay hidden). The full path to go do that should be something like: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mutiny!!”
    It’s essential that you mind the order you overwrite the files, otherwise it might lead to content staying hidden or achievement bugs and you’ll have to delete and re-download everything.

    The order is: First, the base game > Uncensored patch > DLC > and then DLC uncensored patchs for last.

    Trying to revert from the 18+ version to the All ages version on Steam is highly advised against too because the gallery will still remember the adult CG even after you’ve been erased so it will obviously crash.

    Elizabeth Margaret’s and Grozdana Kakra’s Bonus Routes

    In the main story of Mutiny!!, the new Captain Grace Barnet has to select one of the girls as her First Mate. Several routes are available from the get-go while others will be available as DLC. For instance, Elizabeth Margaret’s and Grozdana Kakra’s routes can only be unlocked through purchase.
    To check if those DLC has been activated, it’s simple, launch the game and select Grozdana or Elizabeth during the First Mate choice. The character should no longer turn down Grace’s offer and you’ll be able to continue her route regardless of if you’ve finished the game before or not. Additionally, the gallery should have expanded slightly to include their CG. If this is not the case, please download the DLC again or contact our support.(edited)

    Mutiny!!’s Soundtrack

    Mutiny!!’s Soundtrack is meant to be available through Steam Music Player. Once you’ve downloaded the DLC, go to the “Music” menu of your Steam Client to listen to the tracks.

    What to do if the tracks don’t appear on my Steam Music Player?

    Go to “Settings”, ”Music” and be sure to click on “Scan Now” to refresh your Music Player.

    What to do if it still doesn’t work?

    Go to the game’s folder (the path should be something like “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Mutiny!!”) and confirm if a Soundtrack folder has appeared. Sometimes the tracks have been downloaded but without a folder so Steam Music Player can’t detect them. In that case, just create a new folder, name it “Soundtrack” and put all the tracks inside it (as well as the Cover Art), it should solve the issue. If the Soundtrack folder hasn’t appeared at all, try to download it again.
    It should also be noted that once you get the Soundtrack folder, you’re free to listen to the tracks with any music player you like!

  2. Mutiny!! on Steam October 20th


    Mutiny!! launches on Steam, and MangaGamer October 20th.


    This is a huge milestone for Lupiesoft as a studio, and I thought I’d take some time to talk about our future plans for Mutiny!!.

    Mutiny!! follows the story of Grace Barnet, a prostitute who finds out she’s been made captain of (The Bleak Heart) The Mutiny!! a pirate inter-planar skyship after the Navy come looking for it’s original captain (pictured above). Forced to leave in a hurry lest she be captured in the previous captain’s place, she then discovers the enormous debt she’s been shackled to after being made captain. Mutiny!! is a fun, sexy, and light-hearted adventure story, where Grace must learn to be captain, and her crew of misfits must learn to be treasure hunters if she’s to pay down her new sizable debt.


    Mutiny!! is an unconventional visual novel that forgoes the common route into character route trappings, the central focus of Mutiny!! is on it’s main adventure story, with character specific stories to come later as bonus route DLC. These DLCs are small character focused escapades but are not meant to be the meat & potatoes of what is Mutiny!!.

    Following Mutiny!!’s release on Steam and MangaGamer we will prepare to immediately release the first two bonus routes.



    Grozdana Kakra & Elizabeth Margaret bonus routes will be joining Mutiny!! soon after release!


    After the first wave of DLC, Lupiesoft will begin work on Adventure #1, a larger scale story campaign set soon after the events of Mutiny!!.


    Grace Barnet and her crew run afoul of the stern Capitão who has been hunting for the Captain of The Mutiny!! (formerly The Bleak Heart). Grace is reunited with an old friend, and Bree is shocked over the antics of her parents. New story, characters, minigames, and other sordid affairs await in the first large DLC of Mutiny!!



    Following the events of Adventure #1, Grace turns to Bree or Foo to become First Mate, they’ve grown a lot since their adventures first started, can either of them handle the new responsibility?


    A mysterious key has been discovered, allowing The Mutiny!! to cross a heretofore locked plane. What awaits them on the other side, and what is the Taiyō Conglomerate?!



    As you can see, a lot has been planned for the future of Mutiny!!, with many new fun characters, and new adventures waiting for you to see! We hope you’ll check out Mutiny!! on Steam and on Mangagamer when it releases October 20th!



  • Twitter: lupiesoft