1. Lupiesoft’s Growth And Near Future Plans

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    Hello everyone!

    It’s been a very eventful year for Lupiesoft with the release of Mutiny!!, and we have more coming this year and beyond. So we’d like to update everyone about our plans for the rest of 2017.

    We currently have two DLC routes for Mutiny!! being written, with a post-game DLC scenario in pre-production. The reasoning behind our decision to do Mutiny!! this was, was that instead of having a common route that branches into character routes. The character routes in Mutiny!! are adjacent to the main story, not part of it. Each character has their own story and the reasons why they ended up on the ship. Several adult scenes for each character are available irrespective of route. The goal here being that even after the character routes, we still write more specific character content. Each route DLC is new writing, new story, new CGs, and so we feel it is completely new content worth selling alongside the game. And it will allow us to add new characters to the crew as the story develops!


    Alongside this after the first wave of DLC routes are released, we will be rebalancing/retuning the minigames to fix swings in difficulty in preparation for adding more minigames to future scenarios. Some minigames were too tough, and others too easy. Our goal is to make them more medium difficulty.

    About Dizzy Hearts


    Lupiesoft is going to be working with MangaGamer to bring Dizzy Hearts to MangaGamer and through Steam. We believe this partnership will be rewarding for both of us, and it’s a opportunity to bring an extra level of polish to Dizzy Hearts that we couldn’t afford with just the Kickstarter funds alone. The extra polish will bring Dizzy Hearts final result more in line with the quality of Mutiny!!

    In addition to this Dizzy Hearts will receive an update later this year adding Backerkit to our Kickstarter and help us with rewards fulfillment once the game has released.


    In the next month we plan to post a large update to the Dizzy Hearts Kickstarter outlining our team on the project, showing our progress in more detail, and bringing on more writers to the project to help deal with the extra length of the game.



    The Stargazers will be bringing The Stargazers to Kickstarter. With this project we will be polishing every aspect of The Stargazers from the art, to the UI, and increase the story by 5x! doing more than we ever could before in our original scope. The Stargazers features the story of Temperance Goodchild, a Cosmaton pilot stationed in the uncharted outer-rim inside Stargazers Squadron. Exploration, adventure, and danger awaits Stargazers Squadron in this retro space opera!


    Starting in August, Lupiesoft will be creating a Team A and a Team B, Team A will be handling Dizzy Hearts, while Team B will be handling Kickstarter. I will be the principal artist on both games, however most of the art for Dizzy Hearts has been completed. It’s through our recent hiring of new writers, which we feel is Lupiesoft’s biggest bottleneck for making games, that we will be able to work on both games full-time, concurrently without a slow down.


    This is an exciting year, and Lupiesoft has grown so much, so fast. We can only imagine what 2018 will bring!

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