1. Lupiesoft is Looking for Artists & Writers

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    Earlier this month we announced we were looking for a concept artist for a future project.


    This is a separate announcement that Lupiesoft is looking for more writers, and a background artist.


    Our goal is to hire freelancers who mainly work on indie projects, we’re hiring writers for multiple projects, please specify if you will or will not write adult content, not writing adult content will not disqualify you as we are prioritizing execution and flexibility over content, paying on a $/word basis. If you are interested, please send writing samples and/or examples of previous projects/stories you’ve written to:


    Subject: Lupiesoft is Looking for a Writer



    We are looking for a background artist. Paying per background, we encourage distinctive artists but are also looking for artists who will explore the setting and style we are looking for. If you are interested please email us your portfolio or examples of your work and/or projects you have worked on to:


    Subject: Lupiesoft is Looking for a BG Artist



  2. Lupiesoft is Looking For an Artist!

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    Lupiesoft is currently looking to contract a single artist with intermediate skills, who’s worked on indie games, done professional work, or Visual Novels currently or in the past to work on a Lupiesoft project. The job will be primarily in concept art, both character and environment. We are looking for someone who has an understanding of environmental art and character art. Finished production art is less important than concept art, but illustrator ability is a bonus. This project requires understanding the established style or feel desired, but while also allowing the artist to add a character of their own to the project.


    For inquiries into this job opportunity, please send a portfolio of your work to



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