1. January in Review Update

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    The cast of ‘Dizzy Hearts’




    This is a new series we’d like to do! We give a quick synopsis of what we’ve done this month and where we’re headed in the near future.


    January has been a very busy month for Studio Lupiesoft. We recently finished the Dizzy Hearts main cast sprite update and are finalizing the new story outline. To coincide with this, we’ve also finished writing our upcoming game The Stargazers!


    The brave girls of Stargazers Squadron!


    (Stargazers will be coming to Steam Greenlight in the very near future.)


    As our team finishes editing The Stargazers script, we’ll be working on a new Dizzy Hearts demo, with new sprites, BGs, music, and a lot more story to read. Dizzy Hearts is the story of Seriva, a young human from the country of Assard, in the subterranean city of Under-Great Peca, who embarks on a pilgrimage in the tradition of her people. It’s also the story of Princess Mercilia, one of a few sisters wondering if they’ll be chosen to take the throne of their mother, Queen Llend.


    Alabast Banner sm

    ‘The Sail’ a great structure at the heart of the city of Alabast.


    Alongside that, we’re working on a patch update for our Erotic Visual Novel The Menagerie. A story about the Drachene Rao-Ji who lives inside the Menagerie, a lovely and disturbing mixture of brothel and museum. Here you will discover the various servants, and guests as they serve the whims of the noble elves of Alabasta. This title had some issues with its initial release, and so we’ve decided to patch the game. There will be new scenes, improved transitions and pacing, and most imporantly two more erotic scenes per route! (That’s six total.) Some of the existing art will also be updated.

    After the Dizzy Hearts demo release, we have many more projects headed your way, such as the continuation of The Reject Demon: Toko with Chapter 1 — Scherzo. Toko and her band meet The Psychopomps, led by Ossetia with her mysterious and terrifying demon eye!


    Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if you liked this and want to see more updates in this style!


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