1. The Stargazers: Outfits, Concept Art, and More!

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    Stargazers Map Stargazers Map2



    The Stargazers was recently greenlit on Steam! Thanks to everyone who got use there!


    Cover Title


    Even though Stargazers is a relatively short game, it’s creation has required a lot of art to be made, from BGs, CGs, Sprites, concept art and even dabbling into 3d modeling for finer details. This is pretty difficult for a team that up until very recently only had me as our only artist and hardly enough of a budget to pay for another. In this blog post I hope to share more of the work that goes into making The Stargazers.


    Tem Rocket Putt


    The Stargazers is inspired by old 50’s-80’s Sci-fi, mecha anime, retro futurism. Musically, the scores of old sci-fi movies that range from a jazz to 80’s synthwave. Stargazer’s influences are vast and varied and I decided to start researching with books on retro futurism, art deco, pintrest, music, movies like Flash Gordon, Day The Earth Stood Still and anime like Captain Harlock.

    I started firstly by designing the ship, and the mechs.


    Mech and Ship Design




    Cosmata3 Shooting Star
    Cockpit Concept Cockpit Options

    We were recently on a podcast with Oprainfall where we talked about the design aesthetic of the robots, a lot of emphasis was on a sleek, more rounded design. Taking inspiration from things like trains, cars, old 50’s rocket ships and more. I chose a cyclopean theme to the robot that was common in movies like War of the Worlds of The Day The Earth Stood Still but wanted to make the overall design still feel human-made and sufficiently retro. Each mech known in-universe as Cosmatons, are customizable, with many options for boosters, armor, weapons, tools, optics and communications arrays.


    Internally, the cockpit of the Cosmaton is based on a motorcycle but with much different sort of controls. Each handgrip moves forwards and backwards to control main booster thrust, which the grips themselves can tilt in any direction to direct the main thrust. In addition to this, the Cosmaton is covered with small stabilizing thrusters at various points on it’s chassis. Leg pedals in the cockpit slide & tilt much like the hand grips to not only aid in walking on the ground, but in space control rear legged thrusters. The center seat tilts as well, controlling the roll of the Cosmaton in space. Overall the Cosmaton is a very sophisticated, versatile machine that is capable of serving many duties from combat, to construction, and for telecommunications and survey missions.


    The Shooting Star


    Shooting Star2

    The interstellar ride of Stargazers Squadron, the Shooting Star also took inspiration from trains, zeppelins, and cars. After creating a reference we commissioned a 3D model made of this ship, which would allow us to use it for a variety of shots in the future.


    SS screen3 SS screen1
    SS screen4 SS screen2



    The Shooting Star is named for the way it leaves a streak of light as it travels FTL, in conjunction with it’s shape, it gives it an almost comet like appearance. Featured above is a very rough example of the bridge of the ship, but this is okay as most of the detail I prefer to hand paint. This model opens the door for complicated shots in the future where the very complex geometry would ordinarily make hand painting a ship of such detail extremely time consuming.


    At the rear of the ship is a rail system for deploying the Cosmatons. Within the Cosma Bay the Cosma are loaded via crane to the rear of the Bay where the hangar is opened, the Cosma is attached to the catapult system and launched into space for their mission.


    Character Design & Outfits



    Red Eagle Profile Orinoco Profile Lammergeier Profile



    When I initially designed the characters, I wanted to do an homage to the silver/tin-foily space suits of retro futurism, but also bodysuits of more modern scifi.


    Temperance Goodchild


    Tem spacesuit Tem boxers Tem flightsuit Tem gym

    Temperance Goodchild spent most of her childhood on Mars in a high-powered cadet academy. In that time she grew very attached to Mars, and grew up loving red and wears her favorite jacket over her space suit. Design wise her jacket was inspired by the Rocketeer, likewise with the design of her mech Red Eagle. She’s very tomboyish and when wearing civilian clothing she’s typically in boy’s clothes.


    Risty Mello


    Risty spacesuit Risty undies Risty flightsuit Risty gym

    Risty Mello grew up on a space colony called Neo Sao Paolo orbiting Europa. She came to the Shooting Star as a telecommunications expert prior to Temperance. On the surface she has a bit of a shell, but inside Risty has a very nougat-y center. She doesn’t like to admit it but she she seriously likes cute things and often keeps her room and mech decorated with things like stuffed animals, much to Temperance’s annoyance.


    Viiflidi Ylvida Camilladilly Marjoram-ana


    Vii spacesuit Vii lingerie Vii flightsuit Vii jacket

    Viiflidi or “Vii” comes from a race of polyamorous, biometallic aliens the humans call “Space elves”. As part of a cultural exchange Vii serves aboard the Shooting Star to learn more about humans. Under the surface Vii has become something of a human fanatic. Among other things, she likes to collect (all of them are human related) magazines, shows, underwear, and snack foods. Despite her lazy shut-in nature, she’s quite physically capable. She takes metal supplements to keep her metallic levels high, since she can’t get access to food from her home very readily.




    That’s all for now, thanks for reading! The Stargazers launches in the very near future on Steam. If you’d like to read more, check out our Stargazers page and check out the game on Steam now!



  2. January in Review Update

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    Height Chart

    The cast of ‘Dizzy Hearts’




    This is a new series we’d like to do! We give a quick synopsis of what we’ve done this month and where we’re headed in the near future.


    January has been a very busy month for Studio Lupiesoft. We recently finished the Dizzy Hearts main cast sprite update and are finalizing the new story outline. To coincide with this, we’ve also finished writing our upcoming game The Stargazers!


    The brave girls of Stargazers Squadron!


    (Stargazers will be coming to Steam Greenlight in the very near future.)


    As our team finishes editing The Stargazers script, we’ll be working on a new Dizzy Hearts demo, with new sprites, BGs, music, and a lot more story to read. Dizzy Hearts is the story of Seriva, a young human from the country of Assard, in the subterranean city of Under-Great Peca, who embarks on a pilgrimage in the tradition of her people. It’s also the story of Princess Mercilia, one of a few sisters wondering if they’ll be chosen to take the throne of their mother, Queen Llend.


    Alabast Banner sm

    ‘The Sail’ a great structure at the heart of the city of Alabast.


    Alongside that, we’re working on a patch update for our Erotic Visual Novel The Menagerie. A story about the Drachene Rao-Ji who lives inside the Menagerie, a lovely and disturbing mixture of brothel and museum. Here you will discover the various servants, and guests as they serve the whims of the noble elves of Alabasta. This title had some issues with its initial release, and so we’ve decided to patch the game. There will be new scenes, improved transitions and pacing, and most imporantly two more erotic scenes per route! (That’s six total.) Some of the existing art will also be updated.

    After the Dizzy Hearts demo release, we have many more projects headed your way, such as the continuation of The Reject Demon: Toko with Chapter 1 — Scherzo. Toko and her band meet The Psychopomps, led by Ossetia with her mysterious and terrifying demon eye!


    Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if you liked this and want to see more updates in this style!


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