1. Lore Spotlight: The Instruments of The Reject Demon: Toko

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    Instruments - Toko Band
    “To save your darling, first you must start a band.”




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    Following the events of The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — Prelude awakens the instrument “Epiphany” a dormant aspect of her soul. Toko is almost a complete beginner when it comes to playing an instrument and as such Epiphany can barely maintain her spectral manifested form, but even Toko is not aware of Epiphany’s true potential. A being or pure sexual energy in a material form, maintaining that form turns out to be incredible difficult for Epiphany and Toko. But there is more about Epiphany about how she came to be and her potential than Toko or Epiphany have yet to realize.



    Ginxhou and Devon

    The Demon Instrument of Devon, Toko’s older sister and the one sent to Earth to knock some sense into her. Davey is hard headed almost as hard headed as Toko, and through most of Toko’s life she has been on the receiving end of one prank or another from Davey and her childish big sister. Devon is fond of manipulating her opponents, and often attempts to hide Davey’s secret until the very end. In reality Davey’s stuffed body is merely being puppeteer’ed by Davey and Devon, and over time Devon has mastered the art of controlling numerous Davey puppets at a time although there is a limit to how many she can control at a time.




    Despite having grown up with Ginxhou, Toko and Devon have never truly ever seen what Rhapsody looks like. Rhapsody takes the form of something between an Alto and a Tenor Saxophone, being a Demon Instrument, the shape of an instrument is based on the user’s will and so Ginxhou is able to play in different keys, something mortal instruments are not so easily able to do. Rhapsody was awakened at a very young age and since she was a child she has been practicing the art of her Saxophone. What Rhapsody does, or doesn’t do is sometimes a mystery and Ginxhou avoids talking about it. As Toko’s father has stated to the two sisters “It’s not important, what matters is that you take care of her.”. As an almost adoptive sister to the two demons, Ginxhou will have to rely more and more of Rhapsody’s strange power if she’s supposed to be fighting other demons.




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