The Reject Demon: Toko Release Date

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(We took the time to go over all the old sprites, upping the quality and the detail to match our new sprites. While not easily apparent, most of the changes go straight down to the body where we can make new poses, new outfits easily and more dynamic facial expressions than in the original game.)

Cast Old2014

Cast New2015

The Reject Demon: Toko


A little over a year ago, we made The Reject Demon: Toko as part of a game jam to test our team’s abilities in a project with a tight deadline. At the time, Toko was just an idea that bounced around my head for a while, but as we started development it quickly grew into what it is now. The theme of the story grew naturally and rapidly; it’s the kind of crazy universe where just about any explanation is a good one as long as it’s funny.

When we released the game as a “Pay What You Want” deal, we didn’t expect it to be that popular. At the time I wasn’t sure what the rest of the story was going to be like or what medium we should go with. Ultimately though, music is core to the theme of Toko and visual novels are where we started it and where we’ll finish it.

With a cast that is over double the size of the original game, with double the amount of songs, and over twice its original length, the story continues where the original left off as we set up the tale of the reject demon, how it all started and the unusual cast that accompanies Toko.

Sample Audio track from Chapter 0 — Prelude


The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — Prelude launches April 7th on Steam!


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