The Menagerie Demo Release Date

by Taosym | 1 Comment

Coming February 6th you can download the demo of, and preorder  In The City of Alabast ~ The Menagerie through our publishing partner Manga Gamer!


The Menagerie Teaser from Peter Tao on Vimeo


From our product page, click here for more information!


Below the great entrance hall there exists another level, a separate hall unto itself, a secret society within a secret society of only the richest of the aristocracy. Compared to the common folk in the lower city, those members of high society live in utter opulence within the Sail. It is a palace, an escape of the desert heat. The pinnacle of status for the rich, the pompous, ‘bourgeoisie’. Below this great entrance hall is ‘The Menagerie’.




Look forward to February as we share sample CGs from the game itself and I hope you enjoy this little teaser!


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