1. A Toko Christmas Carol

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    Christmas 15


    Art by Taosym

    With a Story by Colleen





    “The what now?” Toko asked in between gulps of a piping hot caramel latte as she desperately tried to heat her frigid insides. She walked alongside Nadia and Stephanie as they headed home after class.
    “The Christmas season! It’s time for another holiday!” Nadia beamed with a kind of excitement usually reserved for making it out of Hell alive.
    Toko stared at her completely serious girlfriend, horrified. “I just got done recovering from the last one! Don’t tell me we’re going to have to fight to keep Ginxhou out of the kitchen again.”
    “We might!” Nadia exclaimed. “But that’s not the point of Christmas! This one’s a little different.”
    “How different?”
    “Well in this one you give gifts to the people you’re closest to! Whatever you think they’ll like. And they’ll probably give you gifts in return!”
    “Do we go around to people’s houses and get gifts from them?”
    “No, that was for Halloween. It would be boring if we did it the same way each holiday. This time we wrap presents, stick them under a tree, and wait for Christmas day to come around. Then we open the gifts meant for us!”
    Stephanie chimed in. “I can’t wait to see you explain ornaments.”
    “So I probably won’t have to deal with demons during a Christmas parade?”
    “We don’t do parades on Christmas in this town! So no! As long as you stay inside you’ll be safe.”
    Toko was unconvinced. “Ugh, I’ll still pass. Holidays aren’t meant for me. You guys even do that weird birthday stuff, as if you want to remember the time you got shoved out of your mom and had trouble walking and talking properly.”
    “That’s not quite how that works ei–”
    “I don’t wanna do this at all!” Toko sneered. “Save your money or whatever you were planning to do. ”
    “But that’s no fun! After all…” Nadia stepped behind Toko. “It’s better to enjoy the holiday spirit!”
    With that Nadia quickly stuffed her cold hands under Toko’s coat.
    “B–BAAH!” Toko nearly jumped into the clouds.
    “Oooohhhh, did you hear that, Steph?” Nadia turned to her friend.
    “I did. What an appropriate noise!”
    “So, you’re gonna help me, right?”
    “Help you with wh–” Stephanie saw the gleam in Nadia’s eyes. “…Nadia, we have finals in two weeks. I’m not helping you put on a big show. Could you keep it simple and maybe do Gift of the Magi instead?”
    “You always complain when I’m being proactive and responsible! Hmph.”
    “You pick the worst times! Maybe you should try to convince the school board to not be so scroogey instead of your girlfriend.”
    “That sounds way harder. Toko’s just an innocent little demon who doesn’t know better.”
    “Well, you figure out what it is you want to do and I’ll wish you the best of luck.”
    “You don’t even want to be the ghost with the chains?”
    Toko had no idea what the two were talking about, but she knew she hated it. Whatever Nadia was planning, it was guaranteed to turn out obnoxious.



    Toko awoke with a start. It was the middle of the night, and the side of the bed where Nadia slept was empty. Toko shivered down to her bones, wondering where her heat source had gone off to. There was no way she could hope to rest this night, so she decided to make herself warm instead. She stepped into the living room on the way to the bath, but nearly rammed into the cabinet as a shadowy figure, waiting for her on the couch, spoke grave and haunting words!
    “Hey Toko. Nadia asked me to do something for her. I have no idea what.” Pellatrix coolly wrote something in a small notebook.
    “…So you’re just gonna sit in my house?”
    “I suppose. All I was told to do was to get you excited for some human holiday by reminding you of your past.”
    “My past sucked.”
    “I was also told to remind you that you should be grateful that she came to me and not your father.”
    “I guess? I just… ugh, okay? What’s the point of this?”
    Pellatrix adjusted her glasses. “Do you feel any Christmas spirit yet?”
    “Is that spirit meant to be anger?”
    “I was informed it was meant to be an unending joy and goodwill.”
    “Can I maybe tell you something about your mother?”
    “…Go ahead.”
    “She always sent you small gifts on your birthday. Remember that muscle fern waiting for you after you returned from failed soul ferrying attempt number 243? ”
    “…Vaguely. I didn’t know how to take care of it.”
    “That was one of her gifts.”
    “Oh… I didn’t even know I had a birthday.”
    “Everyone’s been born so of course you do. It was important to her, even if it wasn’t important to anyone else.”
    “Oookay, that’s… something I wished I knew. Why didn’t you tell me?”
    “I didn’t want you to go looking for her until you could handle yourself, and all that. She’s pretty important, after all.”
    “How’s that spirit doing? Warmth? Joy?”
    “I guess I’m not as mad anymore. You can leave now.”
    “Good enough for me.”
    Pellatrix stood up and wandered out of the apartment without another word.
    “Okay, I’d still rather have that bath…”
    Inside the bathroom, Toko found a hiding Nadia, who must’ve been listening to the entire conversation.
    “…Are you happy, Nadia? Can you go back to bed yet?”
    “I will once we bathe.”
    Toko shoved Nadia out and locked the bathroom door.



    The next night, Toko found Nadia missing once again. There were weird sounds coming from the other room. More cautious than before, she opened the bedroom door slowly, only to be greeted by two monsters drinking tea together in the kitchen.
    “Hey, Sissy. Come join us.”
    “… Did Nadia put you up to this?”
    “Of course. I’ve been instructed to inform you of the myriad ways you can experience Chrissmass. There are whole Masses of Chrisses out there for you to enjoy!”
    “I don’t think that’s what she mean–”
    “Nonsense. I’ve I’ve already got three Christophers, two Christinas, and a Chrystal for good measure. We’ll be having an awesome party come the 25th! ”
    “…Since I’m supposed to ask, what exactly will you all be doing in this party?”
    “Each other, of course.”
    “I refuse to do anything of the sort.”
    “Of course you’re not invited to MY party. Get your own Chrisses.”
    “I don’t want any Chrisses!”
    “That’s too bad. I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to do without a few.”
    “Nadia didn’t explain this well to you at all, did she? There were supposed to be gifts and stuff! That’s what she told me.”
    “I can’t think of a finer gift if y–”
    The two heard a badly stifled guffaw from the bathroom.
    “Can we lock her in for the night?”
    “Be nice to your girlie, Toko. She’s doing this for you, after all.”
    “She is not!”
    “Well not my problem! I think my work is done here. I’m going to go spend the night celebrating Devonmas, and that’s a one person party~ See you, Sissy.”
    “Get out already.”
    Devon stood up, tea in hand. “Before I go.”
    “Make sure you spend your life having fun. You don’t have to be all wrathful and stuff. You’re allowed to be a succubus, even if you are turning human.”
    “Alright, I get it. Go on.”
    Devon nodded. “Excellent. Let’s be off, Davey.”



    The third night, Toko didn’t even bother sleeping as she waited for the next round of Nadia’s nonsense. Around midnight, as she held a bunch of blankets around her, she noticed wisps of smoke or fog flowing under the door frame. Sighing and readying herself for round three, she stepped out into the room, only to be greeted by more fog, some billowing out of the front door. Since it stood to reason facing this head on would be more tolerable than waiting for it to come to her, she followed.
    The trail of fog led Toko to the park where Devon had captured Nadia a few months ago. It was dimly lit and covered in a gray haze. Then, through the snow-dusted trees, Toko caught a glimpse of a rising figure, cloaked in ancient robes! It was tall, and so thin it was nearly skeletal! It clutched a bag of Blue Oyster’s Fast Fish in its slender fingers.
    “Okay Ginxhou, what’s your job in all of this?”
    She merely pointed with her free hand, off into the dim distance, at a styrofoam tombstone. Toko approached, and read the words:
    “If you don’t know what to get me, I’m into music boxes, moderately flashy jewellery, and cookware!”
    “…So what the hell is going on?”
    “I have done all I have been instructed to do, and received my payment. Remember that we are what we will eat.”
    Toko stared at her surrogate sister as Ginxhou munched on a battered fillet.
    “Toko, when I eat food, that makes my stomach happy. But what makes people happy, in the stomachs of their hearts, depends on the person. You have to make Nadia feel good in her heart-stomach.”
    “I hate this so much, Ginxhou.”
    “Maybe start with what was written on the tombstone. And once you see how happy you have made Nadia, you will realize it would not hurt to feed the heart of someone else for once.
    “My work is done. Farewell, Toko.”
    “Wait!” shouted Toko. “I really wish I knew what the hell the joke was! Did she give any kind of hint?”
    Ginxhou was already gone.



    A few days had passed since Nadia had finished her little play. Toko stood clutching a few dollars, staring at a store window, determined to do this right. The ultimate Christmas gift would be doing this so perfectly it would send Nadia into shock…



  2. Lore Spotlight: The Instruments of The Reject Demon: Toko

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    Instruments - Toko Band
    “To save your darling, first you must start a band.”




    Patreon Header1

    Following the events of The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — Prelude awakens the instrument “Epiphany” a dormant aspect of her soul. Toko is almost a complete beginner when it comes to playing an instrument and as such Epiphany can barely maintain her spectral manifested form, but even Toko is not aware of Epiphany’s true potential. A being or pure sexual energy in a material form, maintaining that form turns out to be incredible difficult for Epiphany and Toko. But there is more about Epiphany about how she came to be and her potential than Toko or Epiphany have yet to realize.



    Ginxhou and Devon

    The Demon Instrument of Devon, Toko’s older sister and the one sent to Earth to knock some sense into her. Davey is hard headed almost as hard headed as Toko, and through most of Toko’s life she has been on the receiving end of one prank or another from Davey and her childish big sister. Devon is fond of manipulating her opponents, and often attempts to hide Davey’s secret until the very end. In reality Davey’s stuffed body is merely being puppeteer’ed by Davey and Devon, and over time Devon has mastered the art of controlling numerous Davey puppets at a time although there is a limit to how many she can control at a time.




    Despite having grown up with Ginxhou, Toko and Devon have never truly ever seen what Rhapsody looks like. Rhapsody takes the form of something between an Alto and a Tenor Saxophone, being a Demon Instrument, the shape of an instrument is based on the user’s will and so Ginxhou is able to play in different keys, something mortal instruments are not so easily able to do. Rhapsody was awakened at a very young age and since she was a child she has been practicing the art of her Saxophone. What Rhapsody does, or doesn’t do is sometimes a mystery and Ginxhou avoids talking about it. As Toko’s father has stated to the two sisters “It’s not important, what matters is that you take care of her.”. As an almost adoptive sister to the two demons, Ginxhou will have to rely more and more of Rhapsody’s strange power if she’s supposed to be fighting other demons.




    You can buy Toko right now on Steam, click here!
    And look forward to more lore posts in the future regarding The Toko Universe closer to release of Chapter 1!



  3. Lore Spotlight — Of Demons and Angels

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    Ezekiel Sprite

    Prior to the reformation that established the Ferryman system, Demons and Angels warred for centuries with earth as their battleground. Both sides engaged in proxy wars using devotees of the cause with humanity as the ultimate prize, sustenance for armies eager to settle a feud that had raged since the creation of the cosmos. Humanity being the greatest source of innate sin and virtue, moved the armies of both Hell and of Heaven to conquer as much of the human world as possible.


    Starting in the early 1500s an offshoot of the church was created, an order that sought to rid the world of demonic and angelic influences. They were the first to discover the truth of the innate power of the human soul, one that was equally capable of both sin and of virtue. Swearing an ascetic oath they retreated far from civilization. They found home in obscure and remote areas of the world, avoiding contact from those they left behind and intensely practicing their new faith.


    What came of these humans were the first inklings of witchcraft, a method developed to fight against the supernatural forces. Originally referred to as the craft, it was only recently that the word ‘witch’ was first applied to its practitioners. It was through the witches that humans were able to force Demons and Angels back out of earth, and bind them in laws referred to as the Demon Code and Angel Code respectively. It outlined the restrictions of supernatural incursion into Earth, the penalties for breaking these laws and brought sentence onto the supernatural worlds, a community service for their transgressions. The supernatural, once creators of havoc and chaos, became the unwilling caretakers of the afterlife.

    Epiphany Sprite


    It was the Demon Code that gave rise to the Ferryman system, and the Angel Code that outlined how souls are to be cleansed in order to return to earth. Through this process Demons and Angels consume the latent sins and virtues of a reaped soul, and with it its memories. In doing so Demons and Angels are able to sustain themselves while keeping the human world free of wandering, aimless souls.


    In time these latent memories of humans began to change Demons and Angels. They started to develop emotions and with them the manifestations of these memories: the Demonic and Angelic musical arts.


    The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter.0 — Prelude launches on April 7th!

    Check it out on Steam!
    And read about Toko here!
    If you like our games and want to help us continue making them, consider supporting us on Patreon!

  4. The Reject Demon: Toko Release Date

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    (We took the time to go over all the old sprites, upping the quality and the detail to match our new sprites. While not easily apparent, most of the changes go straight down to the body where we can make new poses, new outfits easily and more dynamic facial expressions than in the original game.)

    Cast Old2014

    Cast New2015

    The Reject Demon: Toko


    A little over a year ago, we made The Reject Demon: Toko as part of a game jam to test our team’s abilities in a project with a tight deadline. At the time, Toko was just an idea that bounced around my head for a while, but as we started development it quickly grew into what it is now. The theme of the story grew naturally and rapidly; it’s the kind of crazy universe where just about any explanation is a good one as long as it’s funny.

    When we released the game as a “Pay What You Want” deal, we didn’t expect it to be that popular. At the time I wasn’t sure what the rest of the story was going to be like or what medium we should go with. Ultimately though, music is core to the theme of Toko and visual novels are where we started it and where we’ll finish it.

    With a cast that is over double the size of the original game, with double the amount of songs, and over twice its original length, the story continues where the original left off as we set up the tale of the reject demon, how it all started and the unusual cast that accompanies Toko.

    Sample Audio track from Chapter 0 — Prelude


    The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — Prelude launches April 7th on Steam!


    Read more about Toko here!


    And if you want to support Lupiesoft directly we pay for development through Patreon. So check that out here!


  5. The Menagerie Demo Releases!

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    Alabast Banner sm
    Menu - Background

    Check out the Demo to our 18+ eroge In “The City of Alabast ~ The Menagerie”


    “The Menagerie is an 18+ eroge made by Studio Lupiesoft. We are scheduling release this spring. There is no specific date and our goal is to make it the best it can be prior to release. The game itself will feature 5 story characters and one main character, the Drachene “Rao-Ji”. In her adventures within The Menagerie she meets several other strange and interesting people.


    Read more about The Menagerie Here and be sure to check out the demo over at Manga Gamer!


  6. The Menagerie Demo Release Date

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    Coming February 6th you can download the demo of, and preorder  In The City of Alabast ~ The Menagerie through our publishing partner Manga Gamer!


    The Menagerie Teaser from Peter Tao on Vimeo


    From our product page, click here for more information!


    Below the great entrance hall there exists another level, a separate hall unto itself, a secret society within a secret society of only the richest of the aristocracy. Compared to the common folk in the lower city, those members of high society live in utter opulence within the Sail. It is a palace, an escape of the desert heat. The pinnacle of status for the rich, the pompous, ‘bourgeoisie’. Below this great entrance hall is ‘The Menagerie’.




    Look forward to February as we share sample CGs from the game itself and I hope you enjoy this little teaser!


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