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Patreon update2

Check out our Patreon page!


Because of schedule conflicts with Anime Expo and the 4th of July we decided ultimately to release our Patreon today! You can tell Seriva is excited about the news.



After the success we had with The Reject Demon: Toko we realized that a ‘pay what you want model’ works for us and people liked it. Though Toko was only made in about a month, it’s an idea I couldn’t do justice in just one short half-hour game.


Our big announcement is we’ll be continuing The Reject Demon: Toko storyline after the release of Dizzy Hearts in a comic format. The goal is to release monthly issues of X number of pages. You can read a teaser for it on our Patreon page and in the coming months you’ll start seeing more concepts, more teasers and more info about it!


We also have updates planned for The Menagerie, Dizzy Hearts and more. There’s some stuff on the Patreon you’ve probably not seen yet! So if you like what you see, you want to see us to more stuff, and show how ambitious we can get please support us! Thanks everyone!




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