Lore Spotlight: Carver of the Masks (bonus)

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Carver of Masks


“Do you love your children, Yrr?” she stated. Gently placing the bundle of cloth into Yrr’s hands.


“You’ve been preparing for this moment your entire life, just as they have, the day they finally become old enough to be who they were born to be.”


“The day that you bring them their masks, just like I brought you yours. This is the historical day, the day their young new life ends.”


Yrr opened the bundle and placed her hand over one of the small masks, she could feel the tears well in her eyes as she could read the long history of sadness engraved onto their surface.


The carver merely smiled and firmly grasped Yrr by the shoulders.


“Today isn’t the time to cry, but to be joyful. The day we cherish this new history just as we cherished yours. So that we can remain ever vigilant and always mindful of why we must be forgotten.”



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