Lore Spotlight: Naiad

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In nearly every large body of water in the world, the Naiad have formed homes. All descended from the ancient ancestors who left the primordial waters of their birth in the Rift. Ever being replenish by the great storm from which all the run offs originate.




“Where ever we raise our young, that’s where home is.”


Naiads have had a long and storied history with the Elves of Alabasta. But maintain their strongest connection with those of Secundo Alabasta. Often deridingly referred to as “Lake Elves” by their Priman cousins, their connection to the Naiads goes back even hundreds of years as sailors and fisherman began telling stories to their children of being pulled back into their boats by the Naiad during rough storms.


Visually, no two Naiad’s colorations look alike, and even from mother to father to children they are very visually distinct from each other. Extremely colorful and varied, from stripes to spots and nearly every color could be seen if one traveled far enough. These Naiads are very sociable people and are often found playing in the water, swimming with Alabastians and tending to their algae farms, which they construct out of carefully polished and stacked rocks.


As Prima rose to power, it’s the elves natural curiosity that grew into a macabre  fascination and they began to trade and travel great distances looking for new and exciting things. Now obsessed with novelty, many Naiads are kept in captivity within the city of Alabast, hidden from the view of the public, inside it’s collection known as the Menagerie. Residing alone in their pools if only to satisfy those nobles now so obsessed with novelty. 


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