Dizzy Hearts Sprite Update Series #2

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The time is here, I get to show off and talk about the next series of sprite updates. This time it’s Seriva, Eleyna, Elza and Yuliana. The main character of Dizzy Hearts and Mercilia’s three sisters. It is difficult enough to be fiore and have the burden of your entire country’s weight on your shoulders, watching you and making sure you live up to society’s expectations. But Seriva and Mercilia must contend with the political climate of Lungarde, will Seriva stay or will she continue her adventure? And what in the end does Mercilia really want?



Seriva, bit by the bug of wanderlust travels beyond the Rift and finds this rather peculiar country on Ontonia. In Lungarde she meets Mercilia and eventually her sisters. She’s an adventurous girl, a bit on the side of taking risks, climbing things that shouldn’t be climbed and falling off of them. She decides that in her coming of age ceremony to leave home entirely and return with the best story the Assard have ever heard.



She meets Eleyna, Eleyna is a middle child and second to youngest of the four fiore sisters. Cursed with a weakened immune system, somewhat frail and sickly. Eleyna finds her only solace in her dreams. There she can be anything she wants. She’s very aware of her position in society as a fiore princess but is otherwise completely disinterested. Minister of Chambers of Health she is followed perpetually by her servants and thaumaturges who fight a losing war to getting her to work.



Elzavetya or Elza is a minister over the Chambers of Commerce, the oldest of the sisters. Elza grew up in an age where Lungarde began to open to outsiders and when merchants from the Rift began crossing into Lungarde. Along with those of neighboring states who were previously on shakey terms with the Ontonian state. A lover of commerce and trade she toils over economic models and trade negotiations, but these plans are often never good enough for her sister Yuliana. Lacking in self confidence she often abandons her ideas before they can be realized. Afterwards she’ll quickly indulge in food to forget her woes.



Minister over the Chambers of Justice, she is a “proper” Fiore, she does everything “properly”. She beds her harem “properly”, she tends to the affairs of state “properly”. For Yuliana it’s her own ambition and drive that will propel Lungarde into the empire it once had been hundreds of years ago. Anything less than that is a half effort. In the Court of Flowers she has a firm thumb over her sisters, except for Mercilia who is often completely absent from the Court and politics in general. She strangely maintains the stability of the other Chambers and uses her influence over her sisters to drive the country into the “proper’ direction.


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That’s it! next update will be Series #3 and will feature the full, shiny new sprites for all four new characters which the backers have helped me design. Look forward to that in the near future! 



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