Happy New Years from Lupiesoft

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Happy New Years everyone. In this blog I won’t be speaking on behalf of Lupiesoft, but on behalf of myself Taosym. I’m thankful that I’ve gotten the chance to say that. 2013 was a pivotal year in my life, in fact it was the best year of my entire life. It’s no understatement to say that prior to 2013 I was a bit lost and my life had no direction. I don’t want to bore people with petty details about my childhood, but it wasn’t very pretty. But I guess that’s a very common thing to say. What matters to me is that 2013 is when I started the Kickstarter for Dizzy Hearts as a last ditch effort to realize my dreams. It was a shot in the dark, I didn’t know if it was going to mean anything to anyone. I never was very good at explaining my ‘vision’ if you could call it that, but my head is always full of weird ideas and Dizzy Hearts, this entire universe is something I’ve wanted to realize since I was a teenager. So when the Kickstarter was funded by 300% of the initial goal, to me this wasn’t just success but also validation, that I wasn’t the only one out there that wanted to see it be made.


So for me, 2013 is the year I ceased to be aimless and my life took a distinct direction, Lupiesoft. From here on Lupiesoft will be a launching platform for hopefuly everything that I do and more. One thing that I want it to be is a place where anyone could read about the characters and universe, but also freely contribute to the world as well.


But there’s also something that guides my purpose in what I’m doing, and what I want my work to be. I’ve been asking myself a question for months now of which road I will take Lupiesoft down. The weird thing is I’ve known the answer to the question but I’ve been puzzling over the response itself. The question is, which road will Lupiesoft take, one where the erotic elements are subdued in order to acquire a broader audience that appeals to the project, or to favor the natural sexual elements of the universe, and preserve the story in it’s entirety. While not every story I have involves sex, a lot of it does. As I’ve said before, sexuality is important to the universe, and to I think humanity as a whole. Going down the path of tameness increases my audience.. However I’m betting that those who follow Dizzy Hearts and Lupiesoft didn’t support me just because the game had elves. They might understand what I’m trying to do with the culture and the game itself.


For me to take the road less traveled so the euphemism goes, means a potential shift in my audience, it might mean I lose followers or fans who do not approve of open sexual content, it might mean I gain followers who do. Many eroge are accused of being “porn without plot”. My goal and what I wish to do is to show that porn does not necessitate removing plot from your game. And not only can the two coexist either, but that the erotic elements can strengthen entire plots and characters. Moving forward into 2014 my goal is to be more open about what I wish to do, and what Lupiesoft will be. I feel this is the pivotal evolution necessary for Lupiesoft to be more open and free. And for me, to not be afraid if I lose followers and fans, and to lick my wounds afterwards when I do.


The year of the Elf begins now.


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