1. Sekai Project and Lupiesoft Teaming Up

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    We’re announcing that Lupiesoft is partnering up with Sekai Project to bring our games to Steam. You may know Sekai Project as the group that is localizing Spicy Tail’s World End Economica and recently ran a Kickstarter to translate the rest of the episodes as well, Their other releases include Narcissu and the english original visual novels Sakura Spirit and Sunrider.


    You can check out more of Sekai Project’s work here: Sekai Project

    And make sure to follow them on twitter too! Sekai Project on Twitter


    We’re also opening a steam page for Lupiesoft. You can join there as well and discuss our games as well as see upcoming release dates! Lupiesoft on Steam



  2. Lore Spotlight: Assard Culture

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    (This Lore Spotlight is brought to you by our Patrons, you’re awesome! )


    Under-Great Peca

    The Assard of Great Peca are protected within his belly.


    Assardi live in a stretch of country that covers most of the southern daylight hemisphere. While their civilizations are sparse, and Assardi themselves are still very primitive, they are one of the most populous races in the world.


    The language of the Assardi is fairly simplistic, and their alphabet is entirely pictographic. The meaning of these pictures have been known to change over time, and are often interpreted wildly differently from settlement to settlement. Every Assard carries with them a journal to record their lives, draw the sights they’ve seen and mark the challenges they’ve overcome.


    With hammer, chisel, paint and sweat, the first parents of Under-Great Peca left their mark in the belly of Great Peca, leaving a history that can still be read today. The greatest stories are immortalized forever. It is a great honor to have one’s stories be etched into the wall, to be remembered by ‘The Storytellers’ for the rest of time. It’s the job of the Storytellers to read the tales of eras past to the younger generation, to impart to them them the genesis and history of the Assard, and teach them Assardi morality, ethics and faith. Perhaps most importantly, they give the inspiration to their students that one day they too can be a part of the wall and join their ancestors.


    A long time ago the world was smothered in heat unlike any felt in the present day. Whatever life was left on the planet had all but turned to sand. The gods, unable to bear the heat despite their power, seeded the land from the heavens and brought the various Assardi tribes a mushroom, which they took deep underground where they would be safe. From then on the Assard have always cultivated the mother mushroom, and its children called “spores of heaven” are the source from which all of the other mushrooms in Under-Great Peca are grown. The great fungi illuminates Under-Great Peca and are even the staple of the Assard diet.


    Every Assard child knows this story. It’s been told to them a hundred different ways by a hundred different Storytellers. In time some of the Assard children will become Storytellers themselves and tell these stories to the next generation.



  3. Help Support Lupiesoft with Patreon

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    Patreon update2

    Check out our Patreon page!


    Because of schedule conflicts with Anime Expo and the 4th of July we decided ultimately to release our Patreon today! You can tell Seriva is excited about the news.



    After the success we had with The Reject Demon: Toko we realized that a ‘pay what you want model’ works for us and people liked it. Though Toko was only made in about a month, it’s an idea I couldn’t do justice in just one short half-hour game.


    Our big announcement is we’ll be continuing The Reject Demon: Toko storyline after the release of Dizzy Hearts in a comic format. The goal is to release monthly issues of X number of pages. You can read a teaser for it on our Patreon page and in the coming months you’ll start seeing more concepts, more teasers and more info about it!


    We also have updates planned for The Menagerie, Dizzy Hearts and more. There’s some stuff on the Patreon you’ve probably not seen yet! So if you like what you see, you want to see us to more stuff, and show how ambitious we can get please support us! Thanks everyone!




  4. Lupiesoft Q&A Panel & Draw Stream mk.II

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    This Friday at 11am PST and 1pm EST. Join Lupiesoft live as we host a Q&A panel & Draw Stream, featuring guest panelists to discuss games and answer questions from the audience.


    You can use to schedule it in your time zone. We’ll also be saving the stream for viewing later.

    Taosym at



    Featuring Guest Panelists:




    Lead Writer at Lupiesoft




    Writer at Lupiesoft




    PhD of English Literature and elf afficianado



  5. Lore Spotlight: Carver of the Masks (bonus)

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    Carver of Masks


    “Do you love your children, Yrr?” she stated. Gently placing the bundle of cloth into Yrr’s hands.


    “You’ve been preparing for this moment your entire life, just as they have, the day they finally become old enough to be who they were born to be.”


    “The day that you bring them their masks, just like I brought you yours. This is the historical day, the day their young new life ends.”


    Yrr opened the bundle and placed her hand over one of the small masks, she could feel the tears well in her eyes as she could read the long history of sadness engraved onto their surface.


    The carver merely smiled and firmly grasped Yrr by the shoulders.


    “Today isn’t the time to cry, but to be joyful. The day we cherish this new history just as we cherished yours. So that we can remain ever vigilant and always mindful of why we must be forgotten.”



  6. Lore Spotlight: Naiad

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    In nearly every large body of water in the world, the Naiad have formed homes. All descended from the ancient ancestors who left the primordial waters of their birth in the Rift. Ever being replenish by the great storm from which all the run offs originate.




    “Where ever we raise our young, that’s where home is.”


    Naiads have had a long and storied history with the Elves of Alabasta. But maintain their strongest connection with those of Secundo Alabasta. Often deridingly referred to as “Lake Elves” by their Priman cousins, their connection to the Naiads goes back even hundreds of years as sailors and fisherman began telling stories to their children of being pulled back into their boats by the Naiad during rough storms.


    Visually, no two Naiad’s colorations look alike, and even from mother to father to children they are very visually distinct from each other. Extremely colorful and varied, from stripes to spots and nearly every color could be seen if one traveled far enough. These Naiads are very sociable people and are often found playing in the water, swimming with Alabastians and tending to their algae farms, which they construct out of carefully polished and stacked rocks.


    As Prima rose to power, it’s the elves natural curiosity that grew into a macabre  fascination and they began to trade and travel great distances looking for new and exciting things. Now obsessed with novelty, many Naiads are kept in captivity within the city of Alabast, hidden from the view of the public, inside it’s collection known as the Menagerie. Residing alone in their pools if only to satisfy those nobles now so obsessed with novelty. 


  7. Dizzy Hearts Sprite Update Series #2

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    The time is here, I get to show off and talk about the next series of sprite updates. This time it’s Seriva, Eleyna, Elza and Yuliana. The main character of Dizzy Hearts and Mercilia’s three sisters. It is difficult enough to be fiore and have the burden of your entire country’s weight on your shoulders, watching you and making sure you live up to society’s expectations. But Seriva and Mercilia must contend with the political climate of Lungarde, will Seriva stay or will she continue her adventure? And what in the end does Mercilia really want?



    Seriva, bit by the bug of wanderlust travels beyond the Rift and finds this rather peculiar country on Ontonia. In Lungarde she meets Mercilia and eventually her sisters. She’s an adventurous girl, a bit on the side of taking risks, climbing things that shouldn’t be climbed and falling off of them. She decides that in her coming of age ceremony to leave home entirely and return with the best story the Assard have ever heard.



    She meets Eleyna, Eleyna is a middle child and second to youngest of the four fiore sisters. Cursed with a weakened immune system, somewhat frail and sickly. Eleyna finds her only solace in her dreams. There she can be anything she wants. She’s very aware of her position in society as a fiore princess but is otherwise completely disinterested. Minister of Chambers of Health she is followed perpetually by her servants and thaumaturges who fight a losing war to getting her to work.



    Elzavetya or Elza is a minister over the Chambers of Commerce, the oldest of the sisters. Elza grew up in an age where Lungarde began to open to outsiders and when merchants from the Rift began crossing into Lungarde. Along with those of neighboring states who were previously on shakey terms with the Ontonian state. A lover of commerce and trade she toils over economic models and trade negotiations, but these plans are often never good enough for her sister Yuliana. Lacking in self confidence she often abandons her ideas before they can be realized. Afterwards she’ll quickly indulge in food to forget her woes.



    Minister over the Chambers of Justice, she is a “proper” Fiore, she does everything “properly”. She beds her harem “properly”, she tends to the affairs of state “properly”. For Yuliana it’s her own ambition and drive that will propel Lungarde into the empire it once had been hundreds of years ago. Anything less than that is a half effort. In the Court of Flowers she has a firm thumb over her sisters, except for Mercilia who is often completely absent from the Court and politics in general. She strangely maintains the stability of the other Chambers and uses her influence over her sisters to drive the country into the “proper’ direction.


    You can read more about the politics of Lungarde here.


    You can also view the other sprite updates here:

     Mercilia  Nail full  Aunyrae  Irraere


    That’s it! next update will be Series #3 and will feature the full, shiny new sprites for all four new characters which the backers have helped me design. Look forward to that in the near future! 



  8. The Menagerie

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    In the desert city of Alabast, there exists a massive structure referred to as ‘The Sail’, which separates the nobles from the lowly commoners. In this ivory tower however, there are secrets the nobles keep even from each other. Deep below The Sail, there exists a collection of sorts called ‘The Menagerie’. Obsessed by novelty, the elves of Alabast even go as far as to collect exotic artifacts, creatures and even other peoples from across the world. Here there is nothing and no one on display without a price.


    The Menagerie is a new visual novel from Lupiesoft and features multiple character routes, adult content, monster girls and more!


    Make sure to keep a look out for more information via Lupiesoft and Twitter for further updates down the road!



  9. The Reject Demon: Toko – RELEASE!

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    Set in a world where demons ferry the souls of humans destined to die to the afterlife, The Reject Demon: Toko is about the demon Toko who’s been kicked out of Hell. Toko cannot ferry human souls to the underworld, and now on earth she finds herself becoming increasingly more human, much to her dismay. Her troubles however, are only beginning. Toko, now taken in by the human Nadia is chased by her past and the internal struggle inside herself. Toko is about comedy, romance and a Hell’s sacred art of Rock n’ Roll!



    Venetian Wine music preview.


    ss 4 ss 3 ss 2 ss 1



    Art by Taosym

    Writing by Funnyguts, SomeKindWizard, MinkLaLa and Taosym

    Programming by Funnyguts

    Music by Ryuno and Ponyo

    Editing by Shadocchi

    GUI design/scripting by Taosym and Forsaken One

    Special Thanks: Renpy, Uncle Mugen, Tam Music Factory,


  • Twitter: lupiesoft