1. Lore Spotlight: Kiratl

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    Pippistrelli a Kiratl within Alabast’s extensive ‘Menagerie’



    Primarily found inside The Rift, they herald from their ancestral birthplace in The Veil-Tops, a treacherous rim of mountains and sheer cliff faces that lie on either side of the Rim. A hunter-gatherer species, Kiratl don’t live in conventional cities like most races, but roam among historical lands of their people. They also tend to venture back and forth through the Rift, unimpeded by the valleys and mountain ranges that spurn other races from traveling. Because of their migrant nature they call numerous places home, and for that reason when travelers on either side of The Rift meet Kiratl people, they often meet a different sort of people each time.


    Life is simple for Kiratl people, they are often carefree spirits and will spend hours riding thermals, or wander off for years at a time. They are light bodied often with thin figures but consume enormous amounts of food while flying, omnivorous and subsisting mainly off of high energy foods such as fruit and fish caught in The Rift. It’s because of their large dietary requirements that there has never been a gathering of more than a few dozen Kiratl people living together in a single location.


    Kiratl as a language is as carefree as the people themselves, polysynthetic it is often confusing for foreigners to hear, as it consists almost solely of compound words with no distinct constructive rules or grammar to speak of, modal and almost solely dependant on context to understand. Kiratl are famous among travelers for their mimicry, seemingly simple-minded they will repeat things said to them they do not understand, or stare at things they have never seen before. It’s because of their migratory behaviors and their language that Kiratl have developed a strange eidetic memory for pattern recognition. It’s this memory that allows them to speak in dozens, even several dozen different dialects of their own language that have diversified over centuries living in small loosely-knit communities.


    They are sometimes known to become tailors or other kinds of craftsman and are known for obsessing over intricate patterns etched or woven into objects they create. When a Kiratl reaches of-age they have already learned to fly, and are quick to leave their first home to see the world, it is not uncommon, or even strange to never see their parents or siblings again at this point as they leave off to find something new and different. So they are often confused by the attachments other races have to objects, to people or even to their own homes.


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