Lore Spotlight: Underwear part 1

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This has been a discussion between me and Funnygut I think a few times now. Also with other people involved in Dizzy Hearts, and questions from twitter. It’s about something as simple as underwear, but that’s important. What each culture wears for it’s underoos says quite a lot about them as people. The things that they prioritize through their underwear seems to epitomize themselves in their culture.


Ontonian underwear

An elf models fiore underwear. 


It’s only been recently that fiore underwear has evolved into it’s own unique sense of style. For the Ontonian Elves, form and function are important, but function can’t impede form. It’s said that more than any other people in the region, Ontonian elves appreciate the good aesthetics of a trinket more than anything else. However for fiore, having underwear that is both attractive and functional is difficult. The most modern variant of fiore style underwear is pictured above, and comes in a multitude of different types.  What sets these a part from regular women’s underwear is the gusset sewn into the back of the crotch (hemline shown in Fig 2) and all the way to the front (shown in Fig 1). Where the rest of the underwear is made of  a thin, but more durable type of fabric, this extra gusset is made of a cloth that is more supportive, with a bit of stretch to it. From here, depending on the type one likes, ribbons are laced through the now closed front. This allows the wearer to adjust her sizing preferences and tightness by adjusting the ribbon lacing. effectively giving fiore a comfortable pair of underwear that’s uniquely theirs. You can even see in Fig 4 how it ‘gives’ in a comfortable manner even said fiore has an erection, and prevents discomfort while wearing them for extended periods of time.


Assard underwear

A human girl in human underwear.


Contrast this with typical Assard underwear. The difference between men and women’s underwear is really a matter of size as they both typically wear the same style, though tied in different ways (At the front in one knot, then tied at each hip). Humans of Assard are almost the opposite of elves in terms of their appreciation of the arts, while elves do enjoy the form of something, humans are more pragmatic. It’s a common misconception among traders going through Assard that they have no appreciation for jewelery or fineries. This is somewhat unfair as humans delight in the pure utilitarian effectiveness of the things around them. Everything serves a purpose, or as many purposes as possible, and together it harmonizes, in that sense humans have an eye for subtle details, the placement of roads and even furniture. The article depicted here is a small section of a human’s typical day to day outfit, the underwear which they lay under all of their clothes. Which is quite adaptable to changing from the hot and sandstorm climates of the surface, to the cooler, humid subsurface. Their underwear even doubles as swimming wear when humans bath and relax in subterranean lakes.


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