Ask Irraere

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Ask Irraere


Hey everyone! long time no see. It’s been a while since I posted a blog article (I understand the lateness of it), but I’ve been busy working on Dizzy Heart’s script with Funnyguts. Pumping out a few scenes over the last few months and rounding out some crucial aspects of the story. Because it’s so busy, and how writing is often a more.. involved process for me. It’s left little time for me to work on anything else.



That said, I’ve been planning an Ask Irraere column for a while. I talked about it on the KS. For a while I debated how I’d do it, Knowing I’d have to have an easy way to gather questions from fans or would-be fans (or rather ask Irraere) about the game, and an easy way to answer them back in a fast, track-able and public way that wouldn’t be lost in tumblr or twitter. So I chose, who’s sole purpose will be to answer these questions, letting people later on to read these questions, interact with me, and get interested in the game. Check it out!


She’s got a lot of time on her hands, so I felt it was more than appropriate to let her answer the questions. More notable questions down the road, I’ll try to answer in a more picture/comic based sort of format. So please drop by, and know I’m always available on to answer questions, or you can find me @Taosym to see if I’m still alive!




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