Lore Spotlight: Erzad

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Immortal sun warriors, “Erzad”



The Erzad are the elite guard of Prima Alabasta. They are commanded by Odra Avasa, Erzad Suprema (pictured above), who as the military leader of Prima Alabasta, operates with the Adjudicators as the supreme jurisdiction when it comes to executing law in, and outside the greater Alabasta region. The citizens and even the nobles know very little about the Erzad, other than that they are tasked with maintaining the divinity of Prima Alabasta, as well as safeguarding The Sail.


Among their militaristic duties, the Erzad also maintain order across Alabasta. In dangerous circumstances they also act as bodyguards for the nobles. Half a century prior as Secundo Alabasta was seceding, it was the job of the Erzad to quell the uprising and maintain Secundo Alabasta’s place under Alabast’s long shadow.


The Erzad, identified by their signature sun emblem and their lack of clan sashes. Having abandoned the practice of wearing their clan’s sash upon their bodies, this gave rise to a popular opinion that the Erzad are war orphans who have been taken by the Suprema and trained to be unquestionably loyal. They operate mysteriously throughout all of Greater Alabasta, and there are often as many stories told about the secrets of the Erzad come from as there are standing members.


Regardless of what the Erzad is, it’s known to every Elf in Alabasta that the Erzad are unhesitating in carrying out their orders, whatever they happen to be.



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