Lore Spotlight: Wild Elves

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Tribal savages, “Wild Elves”

Wild Elves


The Rift is a perilous place, full of violent and unstable weather. The races that live here are often equally violent, struggling to survive while nature conspires to destroy them. Humidity is high in this area as most of the rain fall on the planet occurs in this band of twilight, where night meets day.


Battered almost eternally by strong winds and intense rain, thunderstorms caused by temperature differentials shape the land, carving out lakes and eroded canyons, flowing into violent, white rapids.  


Perhaps it is because of this inhospitable landscape, or in spite of it, that the wild elves have settled in this part of the world. These elves have grown strong and are well-adapted to the area’s unforgiving lifestyle. There is very little room for pleasantries among wild elves, who claim that they are fighting the gods themselves for survival. Elf tribes align themselves to the gods of the sky or land and pray for them to smite their enemies, and spare their villages. This rarely works, and often villages will relocate every couple years as they are burned down, or washed away by nature.


Religion and spirituality is taken to another level as the elves engrave tattoos into each other’s skin with hand-sculpted bone chisels – Imbedding inks and pigments (harvested and blessed by their witch doctors) into their bodies. It is said that they embody the gods’ powers; by imbuing their flesh with the god of the earth they too can become as hard as iron, and by imbuing their legs with the god of the hurricane it will make them as fast as the wind.  


As an elf gets older, they must perform feats of strength for the tribe, which earns them the respect required to bear more of their god’s powers. As such, by the time they reach an old age, they would have been almost completely covered in tattoos, signifying their long life of struggle against nature. It is because of these tattoos that they are respected and feared, or hated by other tribes.


With the above in mind, it is fair to say that these elves will wage war with enemy tribes, as well as nature itself, on a daily basis.



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