Lore Spotlight: Drachene

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Draconic servant race, “Drachene”


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Drachene are a primitive, draconic race that primarily hails from within the Rift, the terminus of night and day – although they have been found in other parts of the world as well. Widely known in stories as being the servants of dragons, the Drachene may have been connected to the Elves millennia ago; but they have since become so far removed from the Elven heritage that they now only resemble elves visually.


Dragons, being asexual and sedentary creatures, commonly dwell in mountains or forests and consume large amounts of local wildlife. This energy is then used for the creation of eggs – which in turn hatches into the Drachene. Between laying eggs and feeding, Dragons also spend large parts of the year hibernating, and as such are rarely seen. Some have even hibernated so long they have become part of the landscape and hills themselves, with towns built upon their backs.



Featured in this article is one of the Green Drachene, commonly dwelling in mountains. They primarily serve to bring information, food, and company to the eternally existing dragons, having become too old and large to leave their nests. Although it is in the nature of a Drachene to be highly curious, excitable and eager to help others, they are also duty-bound to protect their parent. Due to this obligation Drachene will always keep the location of their parent’s nest a secret, and as such many dismiss the existence of Dragons as nothing more than myth and legends.



Although territorial by nature, most Dragons do not enjoy eating sentient beings, and as such it falls onto the Drachene to maintain a fine line between social interaction and duty. When push comes to shove, however, the Drachene will protect the secret location of their parent nests with fervor, even if it should cost them their lives.



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