Lore Spotlight: Pale Ones

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Ancient Elf race, “Pale Ones”

Kira Pale Elves

Very little is known about this race of elves beyond fairy tales told to young children. Seemingly almost every culture has at least one story of a lost traveler encountering a benevolent spirit that showed them the way out of the caves. Called the Pale Ones, because often the only thing that travelers see are their white, almost glowing eyes. In truth Pale Ones are a very ancient race of elves that are a deep subterranean people. Any true understanding about the race has come from a span of only around 10 years, originating in the Alabasta region.


They are highly reclusive and unlike Humans, Pale Ones don’t venture to the surface. Light is rather harmful to these elves, as like elves in Lungarde, they are pale skinned and sunburn incredibly easily. Their eyes are also highly reflective, adept at capturing very miniscule amounts of light, they can see comfortably when other races would only have pitch blackness. However at any normal level of light they can barely see, exposure to that much light can lead easily to blindness, either temporarily, or permanently.


Referred to as kindred spirits because of their benevolent nature and melodic singing, It’s known now that their singing is more of a language, allowing them to communicate great distances, sometimes hundreds of miles in the caves in which they live. Almost nothing is known of their diet, though it’s conjectured that it might be similar to the diet of most subterranean humans, being mostly fish and fungus and likely also insects.

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