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Merci Snow


So it was requested during the early parts of the Kickstarter that I have an option for people without a credit card to use Amazon Payments, that still wanted to pledge.


So how it’s going to work is I am going to put a donate button on my blog. If you can’t back the Kickstarter, but wish to pledge I don’t have a problem. However handling the pledges are difficult. For instance the pledges of limited quantity might be taken by backers on Kickstarter. Especially ones that are very limited.



So what I will do is if you wish to pledge and you pick a specific pledge, especially if it’s a Dakimakura, Wallscroll, or something big I will manually edit the quantities left of Kickstarter. If I can’t catch it and you want something that’s all out. I will try to accommodate you through my reserve supply. Otherwise I will offer you something of equivalent value.


When you make pledge via Paypal, email me at:


with the subject:


“Your name (as it appears on Paypal + ) Kickstarter Pledge”


In the body, explain what pledge reward you want. Not on Paypal.


After the Kickstarter closes I will be surveying all backers from KS and Paypal at the same time. I will get the information from you then if I need to know details about which version you want. If I have everything I will just confirm everything with you.


That said, thanks for supporting Dizzy Hearts and now that I’m fully funded, I’m looking forward to making more stretch goals that people will enjoy!


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