1. Stretch Goal Unlocked! $7000


    $7000 Stretch Goal


    – PDF of the final Script


    – A special PDF booklet that features special notes about the main and side characters of Dizzy Hearts. Including the Queen, her daughters (Mercilia’s sisters), about Nail’s upbringing Irraere’s history and Aunyrae’s teaching, and other story elements that can’t make it into the game.


    – Irraere’s Library is a chibi tumblr comic series that I will update through the development of Dizzy Hearts and afterwards. Irraere’s Library will feature several things about Dizzy Hearts that are are unfit for the Compendium or Booklet, these are mostly things about elf biology, ecology, funny skits, and reader question and answer. It will be different from a “Ask X” type tumblr, because I will be picking questions that are interesting to me to answer.


    So, what’s this all mean?


  2. Fully Funded Paypal and Such


    Merci Snow


    So it was requested during the early parts of the Kickstarter that I have an option for people without a credit card to use Amazon Payments, that still wanted to pledge.


    So how it’s going to work is I am going to put a donate button on my blog. If you can’t back the Kickstarter, but wish to pledge I don’t have a problem. However handling the pledges are difficult. For instance the pledges of limited quantity might be taken by backers on Kickstarter. Especially ones that are very limited.



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